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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Seasons

We sell “in season”, currently launching a Spring/Summer collection in January and a Fall/Winter collection in August.   
We open new seasons for ordering 2-3 weeks before stock arrives and we start shipping to you.  
We have some early sellouts but strive to have new stock available for most of each season, and good stock available year-round for top ups.


We do not enforce any per item or total minimum, but do suggest a minimum of $500 for best shipping costs.   We may communicate directly asking for a seasonal minimum to secure area protection according to local factors.


This is a wholesale site where you are ordering in USD wholesale prices. 


Suggested Retail Price is shown in the details of each item, and on the price list that can be downloaded on the home page.


We ship from the west coast of Canada, DUTY PREPAID, so no additional costs for duty will be asked of the US retailer on arrival.

We check ship cost for each shipment with a wide variety of shippers, giving you best possible costs.    

Ship costs average 5-7% and are capped at 10% on orders over $500.   
Orders under $500 may have higher percentage rates.  

Shipping charges are not applied at checkout on this site. They will be added to invoice at time of shipping.  
Invoice copy will be emailed to you and enclosed in the shipment.

Payment Terms

We offer terms of NET 30 CC.
You can enter your credit card information securely at checkout, and we will charge it automatically 30 days after shipping to you.
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Our Bags

Are high quality, Vegan PU.   They are man-made in Guangzhou, China, by ethical suppliers with great working conditions and fairly paid staff.   See more about our Australian designers Lou and Heidi on our Info & Resources page.

Selling Online

We allow sales on your website with a signed agreement, and we offer our full library of images for your use online or on social media. See the Info & Resources page for details.


Is transitioned to 95% compostable as of 2021. Plastic still used is only for
handles and hardware protection, which should be removed on arrival to you.


For any other questions or enquiries, please email [email protected] or call 1-866-338-6924.


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